Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pre Honeymoon Happiness- Finding Nemo

Countdown to Pre-Honey Moon 2 weeks to the day!!! Woo Woo.  As you all might know Jay McBain and I have tons of things in common, but TOPS on our list is the fact that he and I are crazy Travelers (in fact the night we met I had just got back from Beautiful South Africa and he was about to leave for SA!).  We go fast, hard, and care more about food, culture and experience than thread count on bed linens. We usually average 7 countries in about 10 days...(the perfect amount of time for a whirlwind trip for insomniac work-a-holics).  Someday we plan on going back  and spending a good amount of time in each of our favorites!

Thus far he has been to 56 countries and I have been to 46 (but he's older... just sayin').  In our first two years we have been to 23 countries together!!! So I am most excited that we have decided to use frequent flyer miles (thank you Wedding Credit Card) to keep our "Travel The World" every 6 months voyage in action.  We will be voyaging down Under to Australia and New Zealand (I desperately tried to include Fiji or Papa New Guinea- but there are not enough hours in the day, or miles to spend this go round! haha).  We usually choose capital cities, and skip tropical paradises (ie Bangkok vs Phuket) but this time I smuggled in a beautiful chance for a little piece of Paradise (playing both the Honeymoon and Valentine's Day Card! ;)).

So on our mission through Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Auckland... I have snuck in a delightful trip to paradise!  Much of which is still a surprise to my love (girls's gotta have her secrets).  We will be headed to the Whitsundays- Hamilton Island!!! Snorkeling in one of the 7th Wonders of the World- the Great Barrier Reef (one of my dreams come true- and I am on a quest to find Nemo and all his friends), frolicking in the crystal white Sands of Whitehaven (one of the top 10 beaches in the World), Sailing, Snorkeling, Eating, Drinking and plain ol' relaxing.  It will be a much needed break from "Life" Work, School, Wedding Planning, and the COLD (and even a vacation from our normal fast paced Vacations walking approximately 30 miles a day- FACT Jakarta Indonesia - My FitBit can attest).

Here is a glimmer of paradise.  This go round I want to blog about every country we have been to- to treasure every memory and share it with those we love.  I can't wait to continue to journey the World with you my LOVE today- and always!!!!

Click for a Sneak Peek of PARADISE!