Thursday, May 15, 2014

My First Letter to my Little Girl

I often lay awake at night, staring at this new and amazing life.  An angel, from heaven sent to Jay McBain and I.  Filled with innocence, and love.  Beaming with giggles and curiosity.

So tiny, so perfect!  I cannot believe we made her.  Nine months I wondered, what will you look like, will you like me, will I be a good mommy to you?  That part came naturally- we adored each other immediately <3.  I love Jay with all my heart and you are the result of that love times ten!

I think- what will you look like, what will you sound like, what amazing things are in store for you?  Yet I think, I would like to freeze this moment and keep my tiny perfect thing forever.

The way you gaze in my eyes and smile, melts my heart and brings me to tears.  The way you grunt in your sleep makes me laugh.  The way the fur kids- Luka and Mirage have become the guardians of the nursery, and stroll by and lick your hair giving you a silly Alfalfa hair do.  And the second you coo, they rush to your side to make sure you are ok.  You are leader of the pack, and only 6 weeks old and yet we cannot imagine our lives without you!

Brooklyn Marie McBain I am so thankful that we had you- and will do my very best to keep your life interesting and amazing- because it truly is awe inspiring.  Daddy and I promise to show you new and enchanting worlds, and to treat you like the little precious princess you are.  I promise to read to you every night, and do my best to instill in you the giving humanity that will make you not only beautiful on the outside, but the inside as well.

You are our wonders of the world honeymoon baby.  I want to take you traveling so you too can see the world.  The sun setting over the ancient pyramids of Egypt, the crystal blue waters of Iceland, the rainbow colors of fish and coral in Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the majestic mountain tops of Mt. Everest in the crisp cool air of Nepal, onthe gentle rains falling over the Taj Mahal, on an elephant ride through the jungles of Thailand- and oh so much more.  See, sense, taste the world little girl.  Open your mind, and your heart- give of yourself, your heart, your home- as we promise to do for you always.

As you grow, don't be scared to take a leap of faith (figuratively or literally as mommy did right after daddy proposed and jumped 10,000 feet in the air into beautiful fluffy clouds and a sparkling ocean below).  My heart beating so loud it was audible, and yet once in the air, I felt no fear.  I saw and felt things I never will again, flying and floating like in a dream... the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, until I saw you!

Dream BIG, and don't let anyone stifle your dreams.  You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.  And, if you fail, you are that much closer to achieving success.  Remember to read the inspiring words of the incredible Dr. Seus' Oh The Places You'll Go in times such as these.  No matter what mommy, and daddy (and a whole LOT of other people) love you more than words and will there by your side to cheer you on, support you, and love you unconditionally forever and always!

It will not always be easy, but remember to always look at the world as you do now- with curiosity, wonder and innocence... try to find the beauty and meaning of this amazing thing we call life, and please remember always how much better you made ours- just by being in it.

Love Always, and Forever....
Your mommy xo

To view more pictures of our precious angel, click here: Baby Brooklyn Slideshow 
Password:  Brooklyn

A huge THANK YOU to the AMAZING Photographer Sarah D'Alberto for her cherished photography of our precious baby girl.  To see more of her amazing work click here:

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