Friday, May 16, 2014

Dream IT, My Life as a Robot: Advancing Women in IT!

As many of you know, I adore CompTIA's Advancing Women In I.T., what we stand for "The Advancing Women in IT Community is dedicated to empowering women with the knowledge and skills necessary to help their pursuit of successful IT careers, as well as to inspire women to enter the IT field as a career choice. The community is a vital information resource, provides mentorship and networking opportunities, develops member-driven initiatives and programs, is active in legislation involving women and careers, and is actively involved in pursuing the overall objectives of the CompTIA – ECAP (education, certification, advocacy and philanthropy). Members of this group are women who are currently in or aspire to be in IT careers and men who support this mission."; as well as the people who make up our group!

This year I was named "Vice-Chair" and was ecstatic to attend my fourth annual Annual Member Meeting.  Unfortunately, I was due to give birth the day before.  I planned ahead of time with former chairman Bob Godgart, CEO Todd Thibbodeaux and the the AWIT Community Leader Cathy J. Alper, Chair Dori Allyn, and head of Committees Jim Hamilton to utilize a proxy via virtual robot  ( a virtual two way robot which I can control, talk and move around the room remotely!).

I ended up giving birth the day before the conference on April 1, 2014 to Brooklyn Marie McBain, but Jay McBain and I were still able to attend the Conference the following day thanks to our proxy robot the following day (look for Jay and I in the first row on the robots "IPAD face").  In fact, it was baby Brooklyn's first live technology conference as well- a great start for our little lady to know anything she does it possible if you Dream IT.

Live from our Nursery at the Hospital:

A close up of our Baby Brooklyn below...

I am proud that I work for a company like Cisco which has the flexibility and empowerment to support new moms (and dads), and am Vice-Chair of a group like CompTIA's AWIT who truly does support and empower women (and men), for and through technology!  Way to practice what we preach.  #ProudtobeinTech
(Cathy asking me via robot if I am ready to do my part of the agenda, "Keys to Success")

The Inspirational Quotes, and Words of our members who attended the meeting,  can be found weekly on our AWIT FB Page, and Twitter Account:

Thank you Sandy Ashworth, Nancy Hammervik, Susan Krautbauer for being pioneers to form this vital community which benefits so many!  Thanks also to the amazing ladies I am privelaged to have and continue to serve with:  Nellie C. Scott, Cristina Martin Greysman, Mary Ellen Grom, Doriana Allyn, Hillary Gadda, Jean Mork Bredeson, John Mehrman, Lindsay Rufa Hall, Lori Berry,  Robin Haggerty, Stacey Powell, and Theresa Caragol!  Some of our crew "meditating" before the conference seen below :)

To learn more about AWIT- like our Facebook Page , follow us on Twitter @CompTIA_AWIT , Check out our CompTIA membership Page: ,  join our LinkedIn group, and/or check out our YouTube video today!

If you have a non profit group you would like us to consider for Donation, or Public Speaking on who we are and what we do, please reach out to us via Social platforms above.

Chicago Tech Institutes Program for Young Women in IT

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