Tuesday, May 15, 2012

30 Things I have Learned Before 30!

So here is my short list the things I have learned thus far, I am sure I have a lot to learn, but I look forward to that.

1.  The world is a remarkable place...  You can choose to see the good in it, or the bad;  The best in people or the worst...That is a choice.

2. The little things in life, there's nothing bigger.  Sometimes the moment that mean the most to you are not the big planned events, but the small things that happen when you least expect it.  Take care to not miss those.

3.  Sometimes when everything goes wrong, it's meant to.  For those of you who are a perfectionist/type A like me :)  You can
agree that there is something comforting about being in control of a situation, and insuring that everything goes smoothly.
What I have learned, is that is not always the case.  Some things in life you cannot avoid, and it's not about what you are faced with but how you react to it that counts.

4. Laughter is life's best medicine.   I have learned to laugh at losing my luggage, rather than letting it ruin my vacation- it ends up being a much more interesting story later on. Rolling with the punches, and turning lemons into lemonade allows you to get through most of life's strife, with a smile no less.  It also makes you much more appealing to those around you.

5. Explore- there are hidden treasures around every corner, make sure to take the time to look for them.

6.  Help Others- the feeling you get from others is mutually beneficial, and there is no better feeling than helping someone in need, and feeling like you helped make a difference in the world, or in that persons life.

7. Life is short, don't waste it dwelling in the shoulda' coulda' woulda's. Remember the experiences fondly, learn from the mistakes, take a deep breath, and turn the page.

8.  We all experience loss.  I have never been particuliarly comfortable with death, although I know it is a part of life.  My uncle Sam got a job working as a funeral limo driver, and has been to all sorts of funerals, all sorts of religions, cultures, and people.  The ones that impacted him the most, were the people who would celebrate the life of the loved ones they lost.  They would sing, and dance, and celebrate their life.  I want to celebrate the life of those I love- during their life, and after they leave this world.

9. Misery loves company- For those who choose to be miserable, I choose not to be dragged down.

10. Be a Tourist- even in your home.  I lived in NYC my whole life, and often would rush from one spot to the next, and was guilty of rolling my eyes at the people who slowed me done.  The day I found out I was moving to NC, I was with three College friends, none of which lived in NY.  As I hurried along, I looked back at my friends lagging behind, and said what are you looking at?  They said- "We are just looking".  That was the first time, I really STOPPED and LOOKED at the home I spent 21 years living in without a real glimpse.  I made sure from that day forward to truly experience every aspect of my "home" no matter where it may be.

11. We can sometimes be our own worst critics.  Don't be so harsh on yourself. Take the time to love yourself.  You need to love you, and be complete and whole, before anyone else can compliment that.  You matter most, and there is nothing in the world more real than the freedom you feel once you have come to completely love yourself.

12.  Don't judge a book by it's cover.  Cliche as it is- it always holds true.

13. Take responsibility for your actions; if you are wrong, say you are sorry and MEAN it. If you are blaming someone else, stop.  No one is stifling you except yourself, and if you think otherwise: Who do you think controls your actions, your thoughts, and your patterns? You do! Stop being the victim and start being the solution.

14.  ALWAYS tell the truth. The truth always comes out in the end, and nobody likes a Liar.

15.  Stove Theory- 2 strike rule.  The first time you burn your hand on a stove- that's not your fault.  You didn't know what it was, or how hot it was. If you now know it's hot, and keep sticking your hand on the stove, at a certain point the fault lands back on you.  It's okay to forgive somebody once, but don't expect to change the spots on a leopard. If people show you who they are, BELIEVE THEM.

16.  We never know what goes on in the hearts, minds, and homes, of people we encounter.  Cut them some slack, and grant people the benefit of doubt.

17.  Prioritize your day by starting with the most critical things on your list.  You may not finish everything, but it will give you ease to know you have knocked off the most important things first.

18.  A smile is universal.  Despite are differences, We all are the same- deep down.

19.  Children and Animals are angels (some are just covered in fur).  They deserve to be treasured.  They love unconditionally, trust without cause, and forgive without anger or pause.  I aspire to be more like them.

20.  Do some form of "fun fitness" at least 30 min a day- minimum.  Endorphines are good for the mind, body, and soul.

21.  Oxygen Mask= "YOU TIME"!  In the event of a plane emergency, they tell you to put the oxygen on your own face before you help anyone else. The same is true in "real life" and this is NOT Selfish.  Make sure to take the time to take care of yourself.  It will make you a better partner, spouse, parent, employee, boss etc.

22.  Everything in moderation.  If you want to treat yourself, do so- but remember life is about balance.

23.  Find a new hobby.   Every so often I throw myself into something completely foreign, and fun.  You're never too old to learn something new.  If you have a hidden passion, you have always wanted to  pursue- do so!  Find a local class, learn a new language, start swing dancing, learn how to decorate a cake... Why wait? Start today!

24.  Call me frugal, but I think everything has some room for negotiation.  Worst that can happen, people will say no.  I have even gotten Hot Dog Salesman to sell me a hot dog in Manhattan for a $1 (Brooklyn Pricing) instead of $3 (Manhattan Touristy Pricing)-  I grew up in Brooklyn, come on now, you know it's the same Hot Dog :)

25.  Save for a rainy day.  Now more than ever, you can see the importance of saving.  Force yourself to put a certain amount away every month.  If you don't see it, you won't spend it.  You will thank yourself later.

26.  Put yourself in uncomfortable (not dangerous) situations.  People resist change, but sometimes the best things come from removing yourself from your comfort zone.

27.  Trust your gut. Human Instincts are absolutely incredible, and we should do our best not to supress the most natural of reflexes.

28.  One of my favorite quotes is, "Pray to God but row away from the rocks"- Native Amerian Proverb.  I think it is important to create your own destiny, or at least do your best to avoid disasterous situations.

29.  You have one body, it is your temple.  Treasure it, take care of it, exercise it, challenge it, fuel it and most importantly- love it.  Even more important, love what's on the inside as well!

30.  This is my personal most important.  Live like you are dying!  Why?  We all are- hopefully many years from now, but none of us know for sure until... Don't wait for that moment.  Don't keep putting off things you want to do, places you want to see, things you want to say.  Say them, do them, live them- now- before it's too late.  As Jonathon Swift so eloquently said, "May you LIVE all the days of your LIFE".

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  1. Wow, Michelle, you are a wise young woman at 30. I love all of these and each is so right!