Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ode To My Fur Kids

When I look at your sweet face
And see the grays creeping in on your chin
I remember your days as a puppy
Just moments ago, blown by in the wind.

I think to myself how lucky I am
To have my life be blessed by you.
Sweet and loving, always forgiving

And to not only have one- but two!

Together we have all grown up
So many memories we share
Every laugh, and every smile
Through every tear, you were there

You never leave my side
On walks you wait for me
(I suppose you have an advantage…
I have ½ the legs of thee)

The way you play, And sleep all day
And snuggle all night long
The way you cry at the foot of the bed,
And sing to me your song

I lift you up, and share my bed,
Or rather give you all!
And you give all your heart to me...
I’m luckiest of all.

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