Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Facebook Statistics- Where Do I Rank?

For those of you who are on Facebook and enjoy random facts and statistics (like I do), I was very excited to find out we can check our stats via a company called Wolfram, which has taken profile analysis to the next level (Thanks Jay McBain, ChannelEyes Founder and Fiance Extraordinaire for the find!).  

So what did I learn about myself, and all of you?  Well notwithstanding the clock ticking away my birthday to the hundredth decimal ;) I learned not surprisingly my highest activity this past year was in June (coincidentally the month I got engaged); as well as May 2011 (I am guessing my Birthday).  My most common posts are before 9 am and after midnight. My most common words: Love, Jay, McBain, Happy, Life... funny eh?  

My most liked post was my SMB150 Influencer Award by SMB Magazine, followed by my move back to NY from RTP NC. Out of 2,797 posts analyzed, my average "likes" are 6.67, and my average comments are 4.02 per post with an average post of 27 words and 173 characters (Take that Twitter)!  What was my most commented posts?   When I was awarded the Cisco World Wide Innovation and Growth Award, tied  with people who were asked to describe me using only one word... gulp. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I tower as a "chatty Cathy" with a whopping 6,092 photos in my Photo Albums!  Omitting those who doctor their age, my "oldest" friend is my Great Uncle Eugene at 77 year oldest, and the youngest is my stepdaughter Mila at 12!   Divided by sex, my facebook is shockingly almost half and half at 52% Women and 47%, and only half are married.  If you are single and looking, perhaps I can take a swing at "Match Making" :). 

Where do my friends come from? Well, the top 5 countries represented are United States, Canada, UK, Australia, and Brazil. My favorite friends political quotes?  "Conservative (just to the right of the crazy right wing lunatics" and "Can't we all just get along" (my guess not quoted from the same source ;)).  It also appears the majority of my friends are Christians, Catholics, and Atheists (there could not be a more disparate scale).  Out of all my friends the most common first and last names? John Williams.  Proving not enough of my relatives are on Facebook (My family names are more like Santino, Gieuseppi, Vincenzo and always end in a vowel- "fuggetaboutit").

The majority of my friends are made up of Cisco, School Friends and Zumba friends (makes sense I would suppose, as these are the most important aspects of my life, and as we aforementioned my family is not on facebook). 

This was an interesting way to look at my life, my friends, and myself.  If curious you too can give it a try:

The following is my Infographic:

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